Top Skin Care Products — Is there a difference?

This is an interesting topic for me because there are so many skin care products around. We will look at the skin, why it needs care, what is among the top skin care products, and what I recommend.

Gimme some skin!

We see a lot more skin these days than people did a hundred or more years ago. Clothing is more casual. Loose clothing is more common. Advertising shows as much skin as it can in its models. We are aware of skin. We are attracted to beautiful skin. At the turn of the 20th Century, before World War I, it would have seemed indelicate for anyone to talk about skin care. In England there were ads for Pear’s Soap, but what gentle ladies put on their arms legs and . . . Well!

We are put off by skin that is dirty or flabby or wrinkled. Speaking as a Baby Boomer, I am most aware of the changes that have happened in my skin. But no matter what our skin LOOKS like, it performs the very important function of providing a garment for our organs and muscles. It is living and needs the care of its owner. That is why we are looking at top skin care products.

Why do we need to look after our skin?

This is a good question, because there are many people who behave as if the skin does not need care. I used to be like that, so I must tell a story.

I am gay, but I was married to a great wife who knew that and still loved me. By the way, while we divorced over 20 years ago, we are very good friends, almost like siblings. She, as a good Southern girl, always wears make-up and always washes her face before bed.

When she had finished her ablutions, I would go into the bathroom. She would ask if I had washed my face, and I would say yes. She asked if I had really washed it with soap and admitted I had just splashed water on my face. She would regularly say that I would regret not washing my face at night when I got older. Well I got older and I do regret it,

You don’t see much of my face because of my beard, but I know my skin did not benefit from daily treatments. Obviously, we know that plain soap and water dries out the face. But at the very least it helps to cleanse our pores of the stuff modern life lays on us during the day!

Our skin needs to be nurtured and not abused. We need to protect it from the sun by a hat or sunscreen. We need to drink water to hydrate our skin, and the rest of our body. We need to avoid or stop smoking, because that can really do a number on our face.

We need to keep all of our skin clean and watch for any cuts or lesions that need attention. If we tend towards dry skin, we need moisturizers.I use a moisturizer on my hands after washing my hands.

Our skin will not disappear if we do not take care of it, but we will show our increasing age and we may get bad chapping or open wounds if we do not take care of our skin

So what is available in the way of skin care?

If we go through any department store, we will see counter after counter of skin care products and cosmetics on the first floor by the main door. TV is full of ads for skin care products. The top skin care products are numerous. Clinique, Mary Kay, Lancome, Estee Lauder are to name just a few. There are many cosmetic lines.

I have used Clinique and the men’s line of Mary Kay.

I have a friend who was in the cosmetics business in New York, When she was working at Estee Lauder, she came up with introduction of eye and face makeup with sunscreen in it. It was a first at the time.

There is also Melaleuca with its skin care line. There are over-the counter products of skin care lotions, with Euceryn at the top. Most of these are very good products. All would say, “Do not wash your face with soap!”

But I want to share with you what I use.

This is what I use for my skin.

I was introduced to Jeunesse by an older women who is a Distributor for Jeunesse. At her house, I met Lyn, who had been high up in the Mary Kay world. She had been using the serum on her face as part of her daily routine. The serum has adult stem cells, as do many of their products. She has pictures of her face from when she had wrinkles and rough-looking skin to four months later, when the skin is smooth and clear. The change is amazing.

She was not bad looking before, but the change is amazing. That is when I became a Distributor. This is open to any Jeunesse customer.

The stem cells makes a huge difference in the effectiveness of the product. For those who may have forgotten, stem cells can turn into any cell. So this is a big deal. I urge you to look at this site. Contact me at with any questions.

Is there a difference? You better believe it.

So we have looked at the skin, our own and all that we see in modern life. We have seen why taking cae of the skin is important. We saw how there are myriads of top skin care products. And I have recommended Jeunesse for you. Again, go to this link and check out the products of this great American Company. It is not well-known in this country, but very well-known in Asia.

What are you waiting for? Take advantage of this information. Get looking and feeling 10 years younger. You will not regret it!  Believe me.

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