Benefits of Skin Brushing — A Product Review

This is a review of a product that gives the benefits of skin brushing

Dry Brushes are good!

Dry brushes are used on totally dry skin before bathing. This has been done since ancient times. Dry brushing helps with exfoliation, lymph and cellulite massage, detoxing. and eliminating irritated, dry and dull skin. Dry brushing helps with preventable signs of aging. It makes sense that brushes like this work. The skin is living and needs some stimulation for blood flow. Also dead cells need to be removed. It is a way for a woman to treat themselves to some self-care. This is done in spas, so using these brushes is bringing that spa treatment home!

This is a Special Set of  Brushes

There are 4 brushes and a handle. The brushes may be used with the handle or used without the handle. Because they come apart, the set is suitable for travel. This a perfect set for women who want to vary their techniques of brushing. The handle is made of strong bamboo that does not break or crack like plastic. The natural boar bristles are softer that cactus bristles and are an Asian beauty secret!

While most sets have only one or two brushes, this set has 4 brushes. 1 is an Exfoliating brush, 1 is a Lymph and Cellulite Massager, 1 is an Ultimate Detox brush, and 1 is a face brush. Texture issues like cellulite or skin bumps are handled. Need to de-puff, detox, or increase energy? This set does it all. Get Brush Solutions guide in e-brochure to match brush type to concern. It is made by Glow Utopia.

Guarantee Provided

THE ONLY 30-DAY REPLACEMENT PROMISE . Life isn’t perfect but your skin should be. That’s why this vendor offers a risk-free, 30-day full replacement promise. If your set arrives in less than perfect condition, they will replace it in full or part. We also offer a full 90-day refund: 60 days past Amazon’s. Get ongoing education, tutorials, and support on our Facebook page and website. Set includes “Dry Brush 101 How-To Guide” and “Super Simple 3-Step Ritual” to help you get started right away. Discover the benefits of skin brushing!


The price for this set of dry skin brushes is only $22.95. Select the picture below to get it.


If you are suffering from dry, itching skin, or if there are unsightly bumps and cellulite, you need this set of brushes. You will find it will make you feel more alive and young. Just select the picture above. I hope you enjoy using this product!

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