Taking Care of Your Skin — It’s Your Only One!

Ah the skin! There so much of it. We are looking at what can happen to it. Then we are delving deeper into several things that need attention. We see what we can do to make our skin keep its beauty or maybe look better than it currently does.

What Can Happen To Your Skin?

The skin, the largest organ in our body, needs attention. If you think about it, taking care of your skin is a daily chore. A bath or shower is usually our first activity. Skin needs to be kept clean.

Then we put on lotion to moisturize our skin, because too much washing can dry our skin.

I will talk later about the more intricate type of skincare after showering for both men and women.

We are usually most sensitive to protecting our skin, and by extension our whole body, from low temperature. Depending on our work, we protect our skin from abrasion, chemicals, or germs. This may include clothing to protect from cuts. We protect our skin from burning from the sun, or from salt spray or from wind.

On the whole, we are more sensitive to protecting our skin in these present days than our forebears were. We look at pictures of grandparents or great grandparents who were farmers and see crevassed, aged skin. 

We are going to look at these things that can happen in more detail. We will make comments about care, and better care of our skin.

Cleanliness, Moisturizing and Shaving

The is a social importance in staying clean. We do not want to repel others by our odor, In situations where bathing is not frequent, be it cultural or due to poverty or exigent situations, others become accustomed to body odor. I became used to body odor in England when I lived there in the 70s. Most of those around me could not afford hot water more than maybe three days a week In some settings I could say, literally, “Fee, Fie, Fo, Fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman!”

But there is a medical reason for staying clean. We can get rashes in areas like the crotch or under large breasts if we do not wash frequently. If we are not clean, then get a break in the skin, we could get an infection more easily. In the British Navy during World War II, before going into battle, sailors were ordered to change into clean underwear. This was to minimize infection if they were wounded, which is what a break in the skin is.

But unless we are getting incredibly dirty every day, most of us probably do not need to bathe or shower every day. The skin can become dried out. That is where moisturizing comes in. Many of us put on lotions or creams on our bodies after showering and drying. My dermatologist has ordered me to use lotion every time I wash my hands.

Shaving takes the top layer of skin off with the beard or hair. Men shave their face. Women often shave their legs or underarms. Both may shave their genital area. Shaving should be followed by some form of moisturizer because of the new layer of skin revealed after shaving.

Physical Protection

This involves clothing, sunscreen and buildings or shelters. There are few people who will not get sunburn after being unprotected in the sun for any length of time.

Some will burn badly with no tan. Those who CAN tan may be fine for the moment, but that extra sun may have lasting effects. This is often seen in older women whose skin looks like a baseball mitt because of too much sun. The wind or salt spray can also cause drying. This is seen in the classic picture of a person working on the ocean, like a fisherman. Again sunscreen is important.

As someone with sun-sensitive skin, I have always freckled and could never tan. I had a terrible sunburn as a teenager on the back of my legs after a church car wash. It was sunny and windy. I was sick the next day with the burn. I still have marks from that day decades ago.

If we cook, we need to be careful with our skin. There are oven gloves that protect our hands from heat. There are also gloves that protect our hands from cuts.

Making Our Skin Last Longer

We have seen in other posts about how diet can help our skin. Eat those foods and enjoy! We should know that stopping smoking will make our skin better. Stopping smoking will be appreciated by those who share your life. Using sunscreen or just wearing a hat, even in the winter, will help make our face last. It is always surprising to get sunburned in the winter, But if you live in a snowy area, sunburn can happen. Also, overcast days are tricky. Sunburns often happen then. Keep wearing your hat!

The products that Jeunesse sells through its Distributors like me are formulated to make us look 10 years younger, not just keep us for going down. There are cleansers that are gentle on the skin, a serum with adult stem cells, a collagen supplement and a product that makes the bones release stem cells for cellular repair. Have a look here.

Many women are very focused on their skin care. They use Moisturizers, various other bases, then makeup that often contains sunscreen. In pioneer days, women did not want to get sunburned so used bonnets that protected their faces.

Sleep in quantities we need, affects our life and help not only our skin, but our whole bodies. We are renewed not just in our energy but in restoring of cells in our sleep. In a very real sense we are new every morning!

“You Look So Young!”

So we have gone from body odor to sleep. It is amazing how our skin affects our life. Our skin requires care. But if we take care of it, it will repay us with comfort, health and compliments!

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