Review of Jeunesse — An Innovative Skin and Health Line

The History of Jeunesse

Jeunesse is a nine-year-old company based in Orlando, Florida. It started when a research doctor, named Nathan Newman, M.D. developed a serum based on adult stem cells. Dr. Newman has been nominated for a Nbel Peace Prize for this work. This serum has the remarkable ability to remove wrinkles and make a person look 10 years younger.o

Success in Asia

The company had its first success in Asia. Now Jeunesse products are used in 146 countries. It is available at a retail price, a lower Preferred Customer’s price and an even lower Wholesale price. The company is not well-known, but is growing in US and Canada.

The Products


The serum

Lyn shows the results of 4 months using the serum

Products include the serum and other skin creams and cleansers. There are gels for mind acuity (MIND) and inflammation (RESERVE). There are AM and PM vitamins.

More Products

There is a product (NAARA) that supplies collagen, a necessary component of our skin that decreases when we age. The product Revita Blu, is all natural. It stimulates the body to make stem cells . Most people stop making stem cells in their 20″s. These can become any needed cell in our body.

Getting Into Weight Control and Energy

Zen products for weight control

A line of products for weight reduction and energy is called ZEN. Results of this is showing great promise. A package of the whole line of Zen products can be bought. A trainer with special knowledge of dieting and muscular development has a weekly check-in and webinar. There are night creams and masks. There are energy drinks and shakes and many more items.

Two Big Stars

There are two products that really get people talking. One is Instantly Ageless. This is a micro cream that instantly removes wrinkles, shrinks large pores and tightens skin that lasts for 6 to 9 hours. There are some women who use this daily in their makeup. As a gay man, I certainly use this before going out.

Results of using Reveal (RVL)

The other product is RVL, which has shown to make hair grow on bald skin. The doctor who came up with the serum for the skin had been bald for 40 years. He looked at every product to end baldness. Finally, he went to work and developed a system using adult stem cells to regrow hair. He has had over a half-inch of growth that has needed to be trimmed! Salons are buying this product in droves and re-selling the program to their customers.

How to Buy

Anyone can buy the products at Retail. Preferred Customers get a lower price bu need to buy a certain amount each month. Distributors get the lowest price with higher monthly amounts. What is important is the compensation plan for the Distributors. It is the best in the business. Here is a YouTube video link for you to watch. Some numbers have changed.


The prices are in range for high quality cosmetics and supplements. I would suggest you go to the site and have a look around.

So Look At Jeunesse!

This company is one of the best around both for its products and compensation plan. I am proud to be a part of it.


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