Review of a Yoga Spa Retreat — Costa Rica, Here We Come!

This is a review of GreenLagoon’s Deluxe Wellbeing Experience. It is a yoga spa retreat in Alajuela, Costa Rica. As you can imagine, it is not cheap. There are similar experiences in the US which are more budget-conscious. But for someone who wants a luxurious 4 days of relaxation, eating, massage, and yoga in a tropical setting, this is your place!

A Retreat for the Skin as Well as For the Body

As this site is focused on skin care, it is important to know that relaxation contributes to healthy skin. Yoga helps in keeping the blood flow to the skin as well as stretching, which improves the skin and body. The meals are plant-based, so they are healthy for the skin. Massage is both relaxing and good for the health of the skin.

The location of the spa is in an agricultural area of Costa Rica in the hills. Wild animals can be seen in this rain forest. Extinct volcanoes and waterfalls are part of the environment. This is a nature holiday.

Price and Amenities

Prices for this yoga spa retreat run from $1773 (USD). There are rooms with and without a pool directly connected to the room. Included besides accommodation are an excursion, air-conditioned room, 2 vegetarian meals per day, massage, a pool, Wi-Fi, equipment for yoga, daily breakfast and a tour. They do have a 3-day active detox retreat from $439 (USD).

There is horseback riding in this lush environment of central Costa Rica. Rooms look out on the jungles around the resort. There is a zip line.

The People who Run this Beautiful Spot

Jaque Tartlon is a registered dietitian with 25 years of studying health, nutrition and fitness. She has Yga Alliance Certification. She, along with Dr. Villegas, are devoted to helping others improve their health through lifestyle modification. They look to educate their guest on living a healthier lifestyle when they return home.

A Responsible Resort

There is a lagoon in one of the extinct volcanoes. There are paths through private lands. The Costa Rican Tourism Institute has awarded this wildlife and rain forest preserve a 4/5-Level Certificate of Sustainable Tourism.

So When Do You Want to Go?

This is obviously a wonderful place to relax, practice yoga, get a massage and eat healthily. Admittedly, it is pricey. But it is probably worth it. I will post a review of a US spa in another post.

You can go to the website here.

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