Remove Skin Wrinkles — But Don’t Use an Iron!

I will be talking about something we hate to see when we look in the mirror: our skin wrinkled and old looking. How to remove skin wrinkles and why there are skin wrinkles are our subject. We will also look at how we can nurture and take care of our skin. Our skin is the only one we have, so let’s take care of it!

What is the skin, anyway?

The skin is the outer covering and protector of our innards. Our skin It is the largest organ of our body, a living tissue like the rest of our body. It indicates a lot about our health and age. It is the age issue that makes us seek ways to remove skin wrinkles when we notice crow’s feet around our eyes, bags under our eyes, or the thin skin of aging hands.

It is like an envelope telling the recipient of a letter that the letter is getting older and tired. Hmm? Do we want that?

The skin as an indicator.

So how does the skin show our health? When we see someone we think is sick, we say, “You look so pale.” Or they feel our forehead and say, “You are burning up!”

Maybe we had the marks on our skin of chicken pox as a child, or the edema, swollen skin, of heart failure as a senior. Dryness with heat can indicate serious problems of overheating. For a person with Diabetes, a sweaty forehead can indicate very low and dangerous blood sugar levels.

Maybe we have liver disease and look yellow. Or we look slightly green as we throw up. Technicolor skin!

The skin, like most of the body, has blood vessels. These are the arteries, that carry blood from the heart and veins that carry blood back to the heart. So our skin shows what is happening with circulation. We may have cold hands of feet, showing poor circulation. Hair growth on the skin of the lower extremities is inhibited when arteries down there are blocked.

And then, of course, we have the wrinkles that spoil our youthful, rosy glow to a dull, ridged, broken field. Often it is caused by a decrease of collagen in the skin, or by dehydration. That is a something we do not want. Bags under our eyes make us look tired. We want something to remove skin wrinkles. And we also do not like to see age spots on the back of our hands.

What can we do to nurture our skin?

The signs above of sickness are important for diagnosis, so we do not want to lose them or cover them, But we can take care of our skin. When we are out in the sun we need to wear a hat or use sunscreen. We can and should avoid tanning beds. We can and should stop smoking, which causes vertical wrinkles in the upper lip.

I saw a lady who was probably in her sixties who had obviously spent too much time in the sun and was obviously a smoker. Her face looked like the leather of a baseball mitt. And she had deep vertical wrinkles on her upper lip. She was a walking ad for NOT tanning excessively and NOT smoking!                 

We can drink more water (not soda). Water will keep our whole body hydrated, and that includes our skin. I know that many older people say that drinking more water makes them pee more at night. Just drink water in the morning and early afternoon. Most Americans drink much less water than they need to.

We can use lotion on our hands, arms, legs and neck. I have to use lotion on my hands after I wash my hands because of terrible dryness, especially in the winter. For intense dry skin, put on lotion then a sock on each hand to keep the lotion on the hands. Avoid harsh chemicals when cleaning by wearing dish gloves.

We can inspect our skin regularly for any marks or lesions that might indicate a carcinoma. Check regularly with our doctor about our skin.

And then there are some other things we can use.

The best product for the skin!

If our focus is on how to remove skin wrinkles, then obviously do not use an iron! But use something like Jeunesse. They make and sell skin care products that contain adult stem cells that can have remarkable results. The science behind these products is thorough and explained in the site that can be reached through the link in the next paragraph.

Hair grows in the skin of certain parts of our body. The scientist who came up with the original serum with adult stem cells was bald for 40 years. He decided a new product for regrowing hair was needed. He came up with a product that does just that, using adult stem cells.

If you want to look and feel 10 years younger, then try these products. It is amazing how our attitude and demeanor changes when we have healthy, glowing skin. To look younger makes us feel younger. If you want to know more about Jeunesse, contact me directly or go to this link. You will be treated with respect and learn what many in the Orient already know about this American-based company.

I hope this was helpful.

We looked at what the skin is. We saw how the skin indicates our health, sickness or condition. We recognized ruefully that wrinkles show our aging, but may also be caused by something like smoking. We saw how we can take care of our skin. We learned that there is a company, named Jeunesse, that produces a serum that will get rid of wrinkles.

Look at this picture of Lyn, who used to be a top salesperson at Mary Kay, but came over to Jeunesse. The pictures show her face before and then after 4 months of use of the serum products.

So your next step is to implement some of the above suggestions about nurturing the skin. Go to the link in the text to find out more about Jeunesse. I will contact you and answer any questions you might have.Jeunesse will help you to nurture your skin. Go on, give it a try.

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