Hair Regrowth — Really? Can It Be Done?

We are looking at hair regrowth here. Do you think it can happen? What has caused hair loss? What are some possible solutions? I will show you about hair and why it is important. Then we will go on to look at why we lose hair and go bald.We will then look at some possible solutions to baldness that have been tried. Finally, I will give you my recommendation of the best way to achiev hair regrowth.

Gimme some hair!

Our hair is, as some would say, our crowning glory. This is especially true for women.

Of coure, we can think of many instances when our hair or someone else’s hair is NOT a crowning glory. Like when I get up in the morning! The hair on our head, and any body hair we might have serves as protection from injury and provides insulation tp keep our head warm or cooled.

When our head is not protected with hair or a hat, we lose heat in cold weather and our whole body feels cold. In the same way, If we are in the sun in a hot place like the Tropics, our hair helps to keep our scalp from sunburn. Speaking from the experience of a short vacation in Nicaragua, even a broad brimmed hat di little to keep the sun from beating into my body!

Hair is also something that makes us look good. That is why we spend time preening and spend money on cremes, dressings and sprays for our hair. That is why we look for hair regrowth.

Goodbye hair. I never knew I could miss you so much.

So why do we lose our hair and why do some people go bald and others do not? A lot has to do with genetics, and it is not just as simple as “My father lost his hair, so I guess I will too.”  Here is an example of pattern baldness.

And this. 

Most of the pattern baldness (called alopecia) in men is inherited through our mother. If her father was bald, then it is likely we will be bald. It may not affect siblings similarly. Look at Prince William and his brother, Prince Harry. Prince William is losing lots of hair while Harry keeps his red hair.

I know my father died with a full head of hair, while I was showing baldness on the top of my head when I was 36. My maternal grandfather was bald.

I tried shaving the top on my head where the hair was thinnest and growing the ring of thicker hair below. I ended looking a lot like Home Simpson’s boss!            

While we think of baldness as a man’s problem, 40% of women over the age of 40 have some balding. It is usually more traumatic for women than it is for men. Women are expected to have long or full hair.

Wigs, hair clubs and whatever else!

There are many way we deal with baldness. There are wigs, which so often look much worse on men than on women. I can remember when women wore wigs even if they had a full head of hair because it was a fashion statement. I my opinion, the men who look best in wigs are drag queens!

There are many skin products that promise hair regrowth, but most do not work There is the Hair Club for Men that implants hairs in bald skin. This works, but is very expensive and time consuming. It looks fairly natural, which is usually not the case with wigs.

Some men, myself included, opted for shaving my head of keeping what hair I had very short. I did this for a long time and got used to the look. A friend suggested letting my hair grow, which I did. About that time I grew a beard. The hair on top is thin, but lower down it grows fast and has t be trimmed.

The last way of dealing with baldness, especially for men, is the comb-over. This involves moving the natural part lower down the side of the head until fuller hair is reached. Then that hair is allowed to grow and is combed over the top. This is, in my opinion, not a good look. Wind can lift those long strands up. There is an orange-skinned famous person who does this. You know who I mean.

It would be fair to say that baldness is till a problem for many men and women. A solution has come to the fore.

The Best Product for Hair Regrowth!

There is a company not well known in this country but very well known in Asia. It is an American company based in Orlando called Jeunesse Global. They make skin products that have adult stem cells in them. You can see more of that in other posts I have made. But here, we are letting you know of the hair regrowth product produced by Jeunesse.

The man who came up with the idea for using adult stem cells to help with wrinkles was himself bald for 40 years. He decided to look at the available products and found them wanting. Then he decided to make his own product with adult stem cells. He succeeded! He now has over a one-half inch of hair growing in skin that was bald!

I have included a picture from the site that shows a before and after pic of another man that used the product.

I think this is incredible. I am going to use it myself. As you can see, the product is called Reveal. I have been told that many salons are buying the kits and using them on women and men.

This is state of the art hair care . It something need by many men and women. Go to this site and look for Reveal.

What next?

So what do you think? we have looked at the importance of hair on our head, and delved into the causes of hair loss in men and women. We have looked at ways we have tried to cover up our baldness by wigs, shaving and creative combing! And we have seen a solution to the age-old problem of hair regrowth. Again, got to this site and search for Reveal.

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