Best Facial Exercises — No Barbells Needed!

This site is about healthy attractive skin. Here, we are looking at the best facial exercises. We will look at our need for facial exercises, the actual exercises and some things to be careful about. We will also look at exercises for the rest of the body that help the skin.

Why Do We Need Facial Exercises?

The skin, we know, is our body’s largest organ. It is living tissue that needs a healthy blood supply to keep it rosy and supple. The are muscles in our face, as well. These get weaker as we age, causing sagging and wrinkling. A lack of normal flowing blood in our skin can cause it to appear blue. This is called cyanosis.

There are some things that exercise will not help. For example, If we have too much fat in our face, no exercise of our face will help. You may already know that we do not gain fat cells when we gain weight or lose cells when we reduce our weight. The fat cells enlarge with their contents or shrink as those contents disappear. I hope you knew this! When liposuction is done, actually reduces the number of fat cells by taking them out. It is a bloody procedure.

Facial exercises will usually help our face to look more healthy and glowing. It can feel good as well. We can look funny doing it, too!

We can minimize forehead wrinkle and wrinkles around the mouth. We can tighten neck skin to get rid of “turkey neck.” we can get rid of lines in our upper lip

What Are Some Good Facial Exercises?

Forget about barbells! The best facial exercises will involve using you hands and stretching. The only “tool” might be some cream or lotion.

Make your face open by opening you mouth and eyes very wide. You will ,look frightened! You will feel stretching in you neck when you do this.

Open your mouth wide, then bend your head back and close your mouth. This will help tighten the muscles in your neck.

Gently move your fingers from your nose across your cheeks. Move your fingers across your forehead, gently stretching the skin.

Gently move your fingers outward from the center of your upper lip. Many heavy smokers have vertical wrinkles in their upper lip. This will help, as will stopping smoking!

Be Careful!

The skin of the face and front of the neck are delicate and should be treated with care. This is especially tru of the eyelids. Never rub your eyes, but it can feel good to gently massage them. I had a home health patient who said she had spoiled her cataract surgery by rubbing her eyes. It is so tempting when they itch, isn’t it?

Never rub you face with an abrasive cleanser, such as oa soap with sand or oatmeal in it. Actually, regular soap is not good for facial skin, as I have learned through Jeunesse.

Most of your exercise will happen when cleansing your face with a facial type of soap. or it may be when you are applying a cream or lotion. Remember to move upward, never downward. That will help with stretching. This true for both men and women. Both need to take care of their skin

How Exercise Can Help The Rest of Our Skin

We can be a little more aggressive with our exercise for the rest of our skin. This is usually going to happen while doing arobics, weight traing, running, cycling or yoga. For both men and women, flabby skin over the triceps, the under muscles of the upper arm, can be seen as unattractive. Tricep presses help tighten those muscles, which will help the skin covering them.

Speaking as an older, though active, man, I know the problem of what is sometimes called cottage cheese skin. This is the lumpy look that is mainly found in older men and women. Stretching and exercise of the underlying muscles will help this condition to be minimized.

If you want to tighten the skin of your abdomen, remember one thing: Do not bend your neck!What I mean is that when we are doing crunches to tighten our abs, we should put our hands lightly by our ears, then lift up from the abs without bending the neck. You will feel your abdominal muscles when you do this. If you pull your head forward, bending your neck, you will not feel anything in your abs and you can hurt your neck. You want to tighten your ab muscles so that you will not look flabby. Believe me, this works, and you will feel great! I learned it in a yoga class I attend that focuses on our core.

The skin that is often ignored, especially in men, are ihe heel and sole of the feet. we tend to ignore our feet until a problem arises. Women are more aware of their feet because of wearing open shoes. These areas need massaging with creams. Sometimes a stone is used to rub the heal, clearing out dead skin.

Our skin contains collagen, which helps with stretchiness and stabilizing skin structure. collagen is the same tissue that makes up or tendons and fascia. This may be more familiar to you in a cut of beef, where there is something sometimes called silverskin. It is the white, stretchy tissue. Fascia, in our bodies, covers every muscle and every group of muscles. It is important in healthy skin. With aging, we lose collagen, so any way we can increase it is helpful. See the Jeunesse link below.

Did You Learn Something?

We have looked at our need for facial exercise. We have looked at some exercises for our face and considered what we need to be careful with. we have also considered exercises that help within the skin on the rest of our body.

You can talk with an esthetician about this, but just be gentle with your facial skin. Have a look at the product line at Jeunesse. There is on product that increases collagen in the skin, called NAARA.

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