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As a 71-year-old Man who lives in Dallas, Texas. For many years as a teenager, I was obsessed with getting a tan so I would not look like a beached whale. That was because I was always chubby. Alas, As very fair complected and would only burn and freckle> I even tried spray tanning. I knew better than to use a tanning bed! But that made me look orange.

Cut to the present. I do not look my age except in my hands in the wrinkles of my face, and in the crepe-like skin on my arms. That is why I have looked for skin care products that would help me. I have found what I needed and will be sharing that with you on this site. I will also share other ideas and products that with help you take care of your precious skin.

As a retired Episcopal Priest and a retired Registered Nurse. As also a massage therapist, still active. As a priest, I laid my hands on heads of people desiring healing. I have imposed ashes on foreheads on Ash Wednesday. As a nurse, I have bathed people and checked their skin. I have dressed wounds in the skin. As a massage therapist, I have rubbed my hands on many backs, arms and legs to release muscles.

I know skin!


I want to help people get what they need in the area of skin care. I have always taken care of others, and see this site as a continuation of my care.

In some cases, I can help others to make a substantial increase in their income by getting involved with marketing some products.


The goal of this site is to educate on the skin and its care, and to provide products that will make anyone look and feel younger and more alive. There will also be some products to help in caring for the skin

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Michael Winsor

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