A Better Skin Diet — Great Foods!

Our bodies need good nutrients, not least for healthy skin. We will look at the dietary needs of the skin, Then we will consider the foods that provides those needs. We will look more deeply into those foods. And we will make some suggestions for you to consider. So let’s get going!

The Skin Needs to Eat — We Can Help

The skin, as the largest organ of our body, needs to have a diet appropriate to its needs just like our heart and bones. So what do we need in a better skin diet?

We need things to keep the skin moisturized, thick and supple. We do not want inflammation in our skin, We would like our skin to be less sensitive to the sun and UV rays. The skin needs to be protected from free radicals. We need protein to build new cells, because cells have a limited life. We want our skin to heal quickly

We need Vitamin E to protect our skin from oxidation (kind of like rusting!) We need Vitamin C for collagen to make our skin strong. We need Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.We need zinc and selenium. We need Vitamin A, provided by beta-carotene. Isoflavones helps with the elasticity. Our skin has to have good blood flow.

So What Foods Help With All of This?

Most of the foods we are recommending cover several needs. As it happens, I like all these foods and eat all of them. I have a reservation about soy.

The foods are fatty fish, avocados, walnuts, sunflower seeds, sweet potatoes,red or yellow bell peppers, broccoli, tomatoes. soy, dark chocolate, green tea, and red wine.

For moisturized, thick, supple skin, eat fatty fish like Salmon and Mackerel; include avocados; and think about soy, though that can inhibit weight loss related to insulin. Green tea helps as well, but do not add milk.

For reducing inflammation, eat fatty fish. Walnuts are also good. Walnuts have a good balance of Omega-3 and Omega-6. Red wine also helps.

For protection from the sun and UV rays, eat Fatty fish and avocados, Sweet potatoes, like all foods high in caretenoids like beta-carotene, are a natural sunblock.Red and yellow bell peppers also do this. Broccoli has sulfurophane which inhibits UV rays. Tomatoes have caretenoids. Soy has isoflavones that protect from UV rays. Green tea protects from UV rays. Sun damage causes dryness and wrinkles.

Free radicals are ions that need completing to become stable. When our skin encounters free radicals, the skin breaks down, so we want food that inhibit free radicals. So we need fatty fish, avocados, walnuts, sunflower seeds, red or yellow bell peppers, broccoli, and dark chocolate

For the strength of our skin, we need protein, as found in fatty fish. Vitamin C helps produce collagen. This is found in avocados (along with Vitamin E, which is more effective due to the presence of vitamin C). Red and yellow bell peppers also have vitamin C, as do broccoli and tomatoes.

Resveratol, found in red wine has been shown to reduce the effects of aging. But since there is not enough in a glass of wine to make much of a difference, we probably should not start drinking red wine if we have not already.

Good Foods, and Tasty!

These foods should not surprise us. They are part of a healthy diet for the whole body. What we must try to do is to always eat a balanced diet. We could cause internal problems if we ate NOTHING but salmon or NOTHING but walnuts. There is a balance needed. Many weight-reduction diets include an ounce of dark chocolate per day, mainly for mood elevation! Obviously, we would not be healthy if we ate nothing but chocolate.

Certainly, we could keep some raw walnuts and sunflower seeds around us for healthy snacks. Even though I am a native Texan, and even though the state tree is the pecan tree, I really prefer walnuts to pecans in baking and snacking.

So go out and get these foods. Walnuts and sunflower seeds keep well in a closed bag in the freezer. Chocolate that is greater than 70% keeps well out of sunlight and heat. If salmon is too expensive, try mackerel.

Broccoli keeps fairly well. I think it is best parboiled in simmering water for 10 seconds, then plunged in ice water. It is not as dry as it is in its original state, it will be bright green, and you have not cooked out the nutrients.

Sweet potatoes are good sliced into french fry shapes, sprinkled with olive oil, salt and pepper, then baked on 350 degrees until tender, Much better than French fries!

Avocados need to be wrapped tight to keep out air after being cut. I have a specially made holder for half an avocado with the seed still in it. Works like a treat. Red and yellow bell peppers need to be refrigerated and used fairly quickly. They get soft.

Green tea needs to be kept in a tin or air-tight container until made up. Do not add milk as this inhibits some good effects of the green tea. Finally, re cork your bottle of red wine, if there is any left!

You will find that eating a better skin diet will help your general health.

There Are Other Things To Help Your Skin From Inside

As you have already seen, Jeunesse is committed to making you look and feel better There are also many products to be applied to the skin, many of which have adult skin cells. There is also a product called Reserve, a daily, good tasting gel supplement that helps with inflammation. It has a large amount of Resveratol, which is found in wine.

The product NAARA, which is taken by mouth, supplies collagen to replenish the collagen in the skin. Lack of collagen causes skin to be limp and wrinkled. You can go to the site and look around. You will need to contact me at Michael@peauboy.com to buy things.

Also, if you want to become a Distributor, please know this, the compensation plan is one of the best in the business, Jeunesse is a 9-year-old company based in Orlando. Most of the business began in Asia. Now it is in 147 this country. The market is wide open in this country.

So Eating Can Improve Your Skin!

We have seen the dietary needs of the skin what food provides those nutrients and talked about what a good diet that is. Finally, we have seen how Jeunesse can supplement this food with products that help the skin from the inside and the outside.

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